The benefits of choosing brown paper food containers

The benefits of choosing brown paper food containers

Today, the earth’s environment is getting worse and worse. Many people have realized the importance of environmental protection. They are willing to consume and pay more for eco-friendly packaging.

Brown paper food containers are eco-friendly.

Compared to plastic containers, paper containers are made of plant fibers from renewable forests. Our cardboard takeaway boxes can be effectively recycled and reused. Among them, kraft paper has excellent wood pulp performance, can be efficiently decomposed, will not pollute the environment. Besides, the carbon footprint of paper containers is 50 percent less than plastic ones.

Brown paper food containers are high-stability.

Kraft paper structure stability, good quality, wear resistance, more than the general corrugated box advantages. At the same time, part of the food-grade kraft paper can directly contact with food, easy to use.

Eco Kraft, our rectangular paper container, is made of high-quality brown paper, with excellent quality, exquisite printing, and an obvious price advantage. In addition, Josun Group supports customization, can provide customers with exclusive packaging solutions, with great quality and quantity to meet all kinds of market requirements.

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