Round Plastic Food Containers with Lids



This is a reusable food container that can also be placed in the refrigerator and microwave, BPA-free, stain-resistant, and safe for pregnant women and children to use. The transparent round container can be stacked to save space and the food can be easily identified. Covered, it is absolutely not spilled, perfect for take-out. We also have many sizes to choose from when you need something different. We strive to provide you with the essentials to help you look, feel and perform at your best!


SizeCapacityQtyMaterialGram weightBox gauge
8oz12*4.8cm330ml240 sets/ctnPP20g60*24*31.5cm
12oz12*6.5cm430ml 240 sets/ctnPP22g60*24*32cm
16oz12*8.3cm530ml240 sets/ctnPP26.5g64*24*33.8cm
24oz12*11.5cm730ml240 sets/ctnPP29.5g64*24*41.5cm
32oz12*14.3cm950ml240 sets/ctnPP37.5g64*24*49.8cm
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