Customize Printed White Coffee Sleeves



Introducing our Customize Printed White Coffee Sleeves! A custom coffee sleeve can add pizzazz and charm to your coffee shop, drink stand, church event, or any type of business or occasion! They’re made of high-quality material with a trendy waffle texture to add grip, and the 2-layer corrugated design allows for the best possible protection from heat. Plus, their smooth surface ensures that even the most detailed of designs can be displayed with ease. So if you’re looking for a way to add some personality and style to your business, look no further than our Customize Printed White Coffee Sleeves!

The cup sleeves are made of single-layer white cardboard, double-layer white and yellow corrugated paper, most of the single-layer cup sleeves are used for cold drinks, and the double-layered cup sleeves are more used for hot drinks. Color customization is better with white corrugated paper

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