9 Inch Wrapped Clear Compostable Straws Bulk


  • Exclusively for cold drinks
  • incision smooth
  • Environmentally friendly and degradable
  • thicken and harden
  • Customizable outer packaging

9Inch Wrapped Clear Compostable Straws Bulk:100% biodegraded into water and carbon dioxide in 3 months under industrial compostable conditions, which is non-toxic. The raw materials are natural, non-toxic and harmless, completely degraded,without peculiar smell, exquisite workmanship, and no white pollution. It has been imported by most countries in Europe and theUnited States and replaced the consumption and use of traditional plastic straws, which is the trend of the development of the straws industry in the future.PLA straw need to be stored in dry, cool environment. Away form the fire and avoid sunshine. The room temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees.

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