20oz Clear Plastic Cups



Looking for an economical and durable cup for everyday use? Look no further than our 20oz Clear Plastic Cups! Made from clear polypropylene, these cups are break-resistant . The cups feature a rolled rim for added rigidity and comfort while sipping, as well as a crystal clear wall that allows you to quickly identify the contents. Whether you’re enjoying iced tea or sparkling sodas, these cups are perfect for any occasion. Order your today!

PP Bubble cups are very popular. There are two processes: injection molding and blister molding. The injection molding cups are extruded through the mold through a high-temperature fusion machine of plastic particles. The injection molding cups are thicker, harder, and heavy in weight. The blister cups are heated and softened by a plastic sheet machine. Pressed and molded, the blister cup is soft and more transparent.

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