16oz Kraft Wrap Cups


  • High quality food grade coated paper
  • PE coating inside
  • Waterproof, oil proof, leak proof.
  • Smooth cup mouth is suitable Thickened and hardened bottom of the cup
  • Stable center of gravity, not easy to fall over, convenient and safe.



With their biodegradable construction, these 16oz kraft wrap cups help reduce waste. They’re perfect for helping your customers hang onto wraps and sandwiches as well! The disposable paper cup comes with an elegant design that doesn’t distract from the food you want to serve them; we create value using natural materials like organic bamboo or recycled plastic so no matter what material it is made out of (or how many times) this beverage vessel can still hold up its end in service without needing replacement soon after purchase due simply because our company cares about sustainability


Kraft Wrap CupSize(L*W*H)ThicknessCase(pcs/case)Carton Size
16oz Kraft Wrap Cup90x135x75x68mm300g+18g1000600*440*350mm
26oz Kraft Wrap Cup95x160x110x68mm300g+18g1000460*370*630mm
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