10oz Ripple Wall Coffee Cups


  • High quality food grade paper, safe and secure
  • can be filled into high temperature hot drink, no leakage
  • Thick and smooth cup edge. not overturned, no deformation, more durable
  • The bottom of cup with spiral design, indentaion closely, prevent leakage
  • Cup boby with exquisite printing design, can be customized.
  • Three layers of paper, heat insulation and anti-scalding
  • Shaped corrugated design, heat insulation and anti-scaldin
  • Raw wood pulp, no fluorescent agent
  • The curling edge is smooth and not easy to turn out
  • Disposable Eco Friendly Biodegradable
  • Coating material PE/PLA

Ripple Hot Cups are the perfect way to keep your coffee hot and avoid burning yourself. Made from high-quality insulation paper, these 10oz Ripple Wall Coffee Cups will maintain a pleasant temperature for hours without cooling down too much or becoming cool enough that it’s difficult drinking from them
The three layers of ripple design on each cup reduce costs by eliminating the need use sleeves when serving multiple people at once–and their unique color matches any decor!

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