10oz Navy Double Wall Paper Cups


  • Double insulation
  • Double layer thickening anti-scalding
  • Internal coating to prevent leakage
  • Hollow heat insulation, double the heat insulation effect
  • Double-layer high temperature resistance
  • Paper cup thickening safety printing
  • Shared hot and cold drinks
  • Selected high-quality materials
  • Healthy raw materials, safe and secure

Navy double walled cups are the best choice for keeping your drinks warm! The extra layer of insulation will make sure that they stay at just right temperature longer than other alternatives. This 10 ounce size is one among many smaller options, so there’s something to fit any need – be it gifting or consuming on-the go without spilling anything down yourself (not possible). Lids and clutches can be purchased separately if you want complete peace knowing what cup doesn’t have a lid attached; but most people prefer using them together simply because it looks cleaner when done correctly.

Double Wall Paper CupSize(L*W*H)VolumeCase(pcs/case)Carton Size
double wall 8oz paper cup80x56x90.5mm240ml500410*330*510mm
double wall 10oz paper cup90x59x95mm300ml500460*370*480mm
double wall 12oz paper cup90x60x111mm380ml500460*370*490mm
double wall 16oz paper cup90x60x135mm490ml500460*370*700mm
double wall 20oz paper cup90x60x160mm600ml500460*370*720mm
double wall 22oz paper cup90x61x170mm660ml500 460*370*740mm
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