Paper packaging for sustainable development

Paper packaging for sustainable development

The sustainable development of human beings has become a major measure to deal with environmental pressure. With the progress of technology, new sustainable packaging materials with the goal of reducing carbon emissions and doing no harm to the environment appear continuously. Research data shows that consumers would rather use paper packaging than plastic to protect their purchases.

Plastic pollution is long-lasting.

Globally, 42% of plastic is used in packaging, most of it in single-use packaging. Plastic typically takes 20-400 years, or more, to decompose, and the recycling rate is only 10%, meaning the vast majority of plastic ends up burned, buried, or thrown away. The resulting debris or microplastics can still have a negative impact on every aspect of our lives.

The preferred alternative to plastic packaging 

Compared with other types of packaging materials, paper packaging is lighter, easy to recycle, and renewable. The foldable paper packaging design can effectively reduce weight, save space, save logistics costs and reduce carbon emissions. Mature printing technology makes the paper packaging on the shelf have a stronger visual impact. Paper packaging is the perfect solution for sustainable development, whether it is a sensory experience or an environmentally friendly concept.

Soup containers make excellent paper packaging

The biodegradable soup containers made from heavy-duty cardboard are durable and reusable. Besides, they are recyclable and beneficial. When used to serve lunch favorites like soups and stews, it can be heated straight away, perfect for winter. The matching paper cover is designed with air vents for safe steam separation without injury. All of this helps make your supplier’s takeaway a great choice for consumers.

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