Oven-Safe Disposable Containers: Enhancing Your Convenience

Oven-safe disposable containers

Take-out options have become the norm in the catering industry. From 2018 to 2021, the world’s most mature takeaway markets, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, continued to show exponential growth in market size. In particular, the U.S. food delivery market has grown rapidly during the COVID-19 epidemic and lockdown. During the pandemic, consumers changed their eating habits — relying more on take-out food. Even now, with restrictions loosened, consumers still don’t feel safe eating indoors, but they still crave a meal they like, so the take-out option is a service in high demand.

It is important to choose the right disposable containers for takeaway food, which can save a lot of time and effort while having a good experience with your customers.

If you serve hot or prepared dishes, you will need disposable containers to prepare, store, transport and reheat food in the same container.

Our ovenable series products are paper containers with heat-resistant coating (PET/Special Aqueous Coating) which are perfect for baking, ready meals, takeaway and more. The dual ovenable board material is suitable for both microwave and convection ovens (up to 220℃), enabling meals to be heated quickly, evenly and thoroughly for fast-food convenience.

It can be used directly from the freezer to the oven to the table, saving time changing utensils and tableware and even saving time cleaning and washing. In other words, this series of products is the perfect solution to achieve a complete line of food factories, restaurants/shops and end users

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