Experience the exceptional benefits of aqueous coating

Outstanding Advantage of Aqueous Coating

Outstanding Advantage of Aqueous CoatingAqueous coating, a transparent waterborne varnish applied to printed products during the printing process.

By full or dot coating, waterborne coatings create a textured surface on the paper, filling in holes or irregular areas on the substrate, and then protecting the product from fingerprints, wear, and other imperfections.

In the printing process, the base material with water-based coating has more smooth transfer, proper wettability, and excellent printing adaptability. Most importantly, waterborne coatings do not emit VOC during processing, which will not cause health hazards to printing operators.

It is worth mentioning that the water-based coating used by Josun Group is environmentally friendly. The series of products using this material has been certified by Flustix, Din home degradation and industrial degradation.

Paper-based packaging products with water-based coatings are perfect substitutes for traditional plastic products and PLA products.

Aqueous coating is in line with the global trend of using environmentally friendly products and banning plastics. Aqueous coatings are also economical, come in many types, dry quickly, and can be applied, highlighted, and protected in a variety of ways.

In line with the global market trend, Josun Group has developed a series of plastic reduction products to meet the needs of consumer packaging solutions. This collection includes paper cups, paper lids, paper cutlery and other items. It is a customized, sustainable, PFAS-free market choice. Contact us now to learn more about our excellent service to meet all of your packaging and printing needs.

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