Main types of raw materials for degradable tableware

Main types of raw materials for degradable tableware

Degradable tableware is the mainstream of catering packaging development in the future. The types of tableware made of different types of raw materials are different. The main raw material types of degradable tableware are introduced below.

1. Disposable degradable tableware made of paper, using pulp such as wood pulp, reed pulp or bagasse pulp as raw materials.

2. Disposable degradable tableware of plant fiber, the main raw materials are rice husk or wheat husk, straw, straw, corn cob and other crop wastes.

3. Starch-based one-time degradable tableware mainly uses potato flour as the main raw material.

4. Photodegradable and biodegradable non-foamed plastic disposable degradable tableware mainly uses polypropylene as raw material, and the degradation effect is achieved by adding photodegradation agent and biodegradation agent to the raw material.

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