Eco-Friendly Food Packaging: Discover Sustainable Paper Boxes

Kinds of Paper Food-grade Box List

Nowadays, with anti-plastic laws and consumer awareness of environmental protection, more and more restaurants and convenience stores are using paper packaging boxes to replace plastic packaging boxes. As a professional manufacturer in the packaging industry, Josun Group provides consumers and enterprises with a wide range of choices to meet user-friendly packaging needs.

But with so many options available to you, how do you know which package is most practical and suitable for you?

Bio Box

1.  The box designed with a top buckle is easy to fill and the lid locking design can prevent the box from opening easily, which is convenient and leakproof.

2. Regular shape with snaped lid design, can not only stack display printing patterns to attract consumers but also save space on the shelf.

3. The space design can hold various flavors of food with anti-tainting, making consumers more appetizing when they open the box.

Lunch Box

1. The flat shape of the box is designed with a hinged lid for easy use and packing stack.

2. The large printing area on the top can perfectly display brand information and attract consumers to buy again.

3. The comparted design can meet the needs of consumers to eat a variety of flavors of food at one meal.

Food Pail

1. Paper bucket design with a lid is suitable for packing.

2. A high cup body with stiffness strength is easy to grip and the waterproof and oil-proof coating makes the packaging more durable.

3. The printing area of the cup body is large, which can effectively display the brand information and obtain market opportunities.

Window Pack

1. The base of the carton is combined with the design of clear PLA windows, which reduces the plastic content and meets the demand for visibility.

2. Food packaging designed with windows can attract consumers’ attention for the first time and stimulate their desire to buy.

3. The window design is convenient to check the quality of food and is suitable for fresh food with a long shelf life.

Corrugated Pack

1. Corrugated paper without coating has passed Din home degradation and industrial degradation certification, eco-friendly and sustainable.

2. Corrugated packaging is strong enough to protect the shape of food during transportation.

3. Corrugated packaging with great heat insulation protects consumers from scalding.

Innovative Pack

1. Innovative modeling design can attract consumers’ attention and curiosity.

2. Innovative functional applications can reduce waste recycling consumption, reduce carbon footprint, and become more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

3. The economical and practical packaging solutions can win more market opportunities for customers.

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