microwave food with paper package

Is it possible to microwave food with paper package directly? 

With the surge in takeout popularity, diverse food packaging options emerge. Environmental consciousness and food safety lead consumers to favor paper packaging for items such as pizzas and burgers. However, extended delivery times may yield cold, flavorless meals. Can we safely microwave food with paper packaging directly? Is it harmful to health? Let’s investigate together.

Upon careful examination, you’ll notice the inner surface of paper food packaging feels smooth. This slick layer, known as “coating,” acts as a transparent film over the paper. At Josun Group, we offer PE/PP/PLA/PET coatings to meet various market demands. These coatings effectively shield paper packaging from water and oil. Additionally, PP/PET coatings can withstand temperatures over 100℃. Moreover, our aqueous coating provides an eco-friendly alternative, reducing plastic usage. Can food be microwaved directly in paper packaging? Let’s explore.

Is it possible to microwave food with paper package directly

Microwaves excite food molecules, generating heat via vibration, primarily targeting water molecules, which boil at 100℃. Meanwhile, PP/PET coatings withstand temperatures exceeding 150℃, preventing plastic migration. Our coatings use food-grade materials, complying with safety standards like EU10/2011. No harmful substances leach during microwaving. Prudent material selection ensures paper packaging safety. Rely on our expertise for fresh, hot, and secure food.

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