Ice cream packaging manufactured by Josun Group

Josun Group: Premium Ice Cream Packaging Solutions

Crafting Powerful Sustainable Innovation for Discerning Brands

Established in 2008, Josun Group has become a powerful force in revolutionizing the packaging industry with its pioneering spirit. We operate as a vertically integrated leader, meticulously overseeing every step – from research and development to production and sales – to deliver premium, eco-friendly paper packaging solutions that empower discerning brands.

Ice cream packaging manufactured by Josun Group

Unveiling the Perfect Scoop: Josun Group’s Unmatched Ice Cream Packaging Expertise

Josun Group offers a comprehensive suite of ice cream packaging solutions, meticulously crafted to elevate your brand. Our diverse selection includes:

  • Ice cream cups: Perfect for single-serve indulgence.
  • Ice cream tubs: Ideal for larger portions and convenient storage.
  • Plastic lids: Choose from flat or dome styles for a secure and visually appealing fit.
  • Paper lids: A sustainable option for eco-conscious brands.
  • Paper spoons: Complete the eco-friendly experience with our high-quality paper spoons.

Material Marvels: Sustainable Options for Every Need

We offer a variety of paper materials to suit your specific requirements, including:

  • Kraft paper: Classic and natural aesthetic.
  • White paper: Provides a clean canvas for your branding.
  • Bamboo fiber paper: A premium, eco-friendly option for the discerning customer.

Furthermore, select between PE or PLA coating based on your budget and sustainability goals:

  • PE coating: Cost-effective and ideal for single-use applications.
  • PLA coating: Plant-derived and biodegradable, making it a superior eco-friendly choice for budgets that allow.

Expert Recommendations: Optimizing Your Ice Cream Packaging for Success

For cost-effective, single-use ice cream cups, we recommend single PE coating. This allows customers to enjoy their treat and then responsibly recycle the cup.

Ice cream tubs, typically larger and designed for multiple servings, benefit from double PE coating. This added layer safeguards the tub from softening or damage caused by condensation during storage in your customer’s refrigerator.

Beyond the Scoop: Expanding Your Packaging Horizons with Powerful Applications

In today’s global market, consumers are increasingly gravitating towards smaller portions due to various factors. Josun Group’s versatile, small-sized ice cream packaging caters perfectly to this trend, fostering business growth.

But our expertise extends beyond the traditional ice cream experience. These versatile containers can be repurposed as sustainable sauce cups, perfect for holding small portions of ketchup, salad dressing, honey, and more. This innovative application promotes a reduction in plastic usage, contributing to a healthier planet.

To cater to your specific market requirements, we offer a comprehensive selection of coatings like PE, PP, PLA, PET, and Aqueous.

Partner with Josun Group: Elevate Your Brand with Powerful Sustainable Innovation

Contact us today to discuss how Josun Group’s premium, eco-friendly ice cream packaging solutions can elevate your brand and empower you to make a positive impact on the environment.

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