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Paper Cups Series

Introducing our Paper Cups Series, featuring a range of hot products designed for your beverage needs. From coffee to tea, enjoy your favorite drinks with eco-friendly paper cups.

Plastic Reduction

Make your food in a green way, live your life in a happy circle.

As single-use plastic packages are blamed for the main cause of environmental pollution, Josun Group has developed a plastic reduction range called “ECO-LOOP”, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which covers paper cups, paper lids, paper straws, paper cutleries and other food containers.

 With the trend of plastic ban, ECO-LOOP paper package is an optimal alternative to conventional plastic package. Besides, our paper cutlery is suitable for all kinds of food, such as beef, salad, noodles, soup, etc. Let’s make you cutlery not a waste but a recyclable resource for a sustainable future.


PFAS free, certified with food grade standard.

Wide Selection

A wide selection of paper products, like cups and lids, bowls, boxes and other food containers, different designs and printing can also be customized.

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