Delicious burger, perfect delivery

Delicious burger, perfect delivery

What kind of burger best captures a customer’s eye and conquers his taste buds? Succulent patties, rich sauces, and crisp vegetables are essential, but most importantly, they are delivered to the customer in good condition!

There are three advantages to Josun Group’s burger boxes in delivery!

1.    Exquisite printing

An attractive package design can stimulate the customer’s appetite in the first place. Josun Group attaches great importance to the overall design of printing and the final production effect and achieves delicacy management of the printing process.

Before mass printing, we will arrange a printing sample. By checking the printing level, ink color, the thickness of the ink layer, registration accuracy, and other information of the graphic copy of the layout, ensure that the effect of batch printing meets client requirements!

Josun Group has also established strict implementation standards for the stacking of paper, printing inks, and semi-finished products.

First, it is required to clean up the printing screen in time to prevent ink leakage or blockage.
Second, observe the rules of the printing plate and frame to avoid inaccurate overprinting due to displacement caused by vibration.

Third, the stacking of semi-finished products must allow the paper to hang down on both sides to avoid the phenomenon of paper breakage caused by gravity.

2.    Perfect for a take-away business

This corrugated burger box offers an eco-friendly way to box up to-go burgers. It is perfect for your restaurant, convenience store, box burger food truck, or deli. 

Lock tabs on the box to keep your customer’s food fresh, free of contamination, and prevent spills or messes. The triple layers boxes with E/F-flute boards are in good strength, keep your food in good shape during delivery with heat preservation, which is perfect for taking away business.

3.    Customized in different sizes and materials

Our corrugated burger boxes can be white or kraft corrugated board with E/F-flute in good strength, and they are customizable in size and printing to meet customer needs.

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