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Analysis of the main characteristics and advantages of environmentally friendly tableware


The main raw material of environmentally friendly tableware is starch foam, which has the advantages of good hardness, thick and stable, light weight, shockproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc. , Harmless, non-polluting, safe, hygienic, rapid decomposition, low carbon environmental protection and other characteristics.

Advantages of environmentally friendly tableware resources: Most areas of our country have enough raw materials, such as corn, potatoes and cassava, and these industries need to adopt processing and transformation methods. The project meets the needs of national industrial development and is an industrial transformation strategy for the deep processing and secondary transformation of grains in the country. The sufficient supply of starch raw materials in my country can promote the development of regional industrial recycling.

The advantages of environmentally friendly tableware technology and products: a new disposable product with starch as the main component of degradable starch biomass, developed according to the principles of modern biotechnology, tableware with high starch content is a domestic product that meets national standards (GB / Collection 18006l – 2009), the product has passed the inspection requirements of the State Plastics Inspection Bureau and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences. Its various performance indicators have reached or exceeded national standards. This product is a domestic product and has obtained a number of national inventions. The project invests in sustainable industrial development and meets state requirements for the production and sale of disposable products and the promotion of alternative products.

Environmental advantages of environmentally friendly tableware: The product of this project uses starch as raw material, and no three wastes are generated in the production process. It is a nationally recognized green, pollution-free and environmentally friendly product. After being used up and discarded, there is no visual pollution in a short time, and it can be naturally degraded into carbon dioxide and water, without polluting the soil and air, and can increase soil fertility and return to nature. Starch is a renewable resource that is inexhaustible, while paper tableware and plastic tableware require a lot of wood and petroleum resources. Using starch powder as raw material can save a lot of oil and forest resources. It is a new product with the highest environmental value advantage. The material is free from contamination during the entire process from production, use to disposal. It has advantages unmatched by existing counterparts and can be completely downgraded. After use, if recycled, it can be used as animal feed, organic fertilizer or fermented industrial alcohol. Glucose is produced by hydrolysis, and the raw material of the foaming material is a renewable resource, which is low in cost, easy to obtain, simple in production process, and free of three wastes.

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