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3 Types of Food & Beverage Chain Packaging Commend

Due to the need for environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more consumers tend to choose sustainable packaging materials. As we all know, plastic pollution is long-term and persistent. 90% of plastic is incinerated or simply discarded in nature, causing damage to the entire ecological cycle. Compared with plastics, metals and glass, paper is one of the most recognized sustainable materials in the world. Using paper-based materials instead of plastic can effectively break the negative ecological cycle because paper is made from trees that can be recycled and used more efficiently.

Paper can be used for almost all applications, even freezer, heated and sealable, and offers no more protection than plastic. Let us recommend these paper packaging for you, suitable for caterings, coffee shops, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Eco Kraft Series

From attractive appearance to different practical applications, our Eco Kraft range is perfect for taking-away and industry. Our Eco Kraft has various sizes to serve you, whether for a family gathering or a delicate meal. The regular shape and stackable design are great for attracting customers and making full use of the space. The MAP option extends the shelf life of food by keeping food fresh.

Paper Cup Series

Our paper cups are perfect for packing cold and hot drinks. Double cup and ripple cup with hot drink paper lid is the ideal packaging solution for hot drinks. Both can keep warm and have anti-scald functions. The integrated design of our lid-free cup reduces the use of paper lids and frees customers’ hands.

PET Coated Containers

Sustainability and convenience are combined in one package. ​Our PET coated products meet the direct use needs from refrigerator to oven without the need to change containers, saving materials and cleaning time.

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